SPICe+: New Mode of Company Incorporation in India

A company can be incorporated in following two ways under the new procedure:

Cluster of services which company can have recourse to while incorporating through SPICE+ are as follows:

1) DIN allotment

2) Mandatory issue of PAN

3) Mandatory issue of TAN

4) Mandatory issue of EPFO registration

5) Mandatory issue of ESIC registration

6) Mandatory issue of Profession Tax registration (in case of Maharashtra Only) 7) Mandatory Opening of Bank Account for the Company and

8) Allotment of GSTIN (optional)

Forms which are linked to SPICe+ i.e. forms which are required to be filed along with Form SPICe+

1) Agile-Pro



4) INC-9 PDF Generation

A comparative analysis of earlier Form INC-32 SPICe and currentweb form INC-32 SPICe+

SPICE+ has simplified the company incorporation process in India as companies can get itself registered at a single instance several authorities in a hassle free manner.

Author: Neetu Saini Head Secretarial Department. AKGVG & Associates




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