Bluetooth 5: Mesh Networking

Understanding Mesh Networking

Figure 1: The star topology (a) has limited extensibility while the mesh type (b) is virtually unlimited.

The Role of Range, Speed, and Coexistence

Beacons Defined

Figure 2: A typical retail scenario for beacons shows how they can be placed inconspicuously anywhere, tracking where shoppers go.
Figure 3: The beacon transmits to the app on the smartphone. If the user takes action, this is sent to the server, which provides additional information by sending the user to a website.

Faster Data Transfer

Ability to Coexist

Simplifying the Solution

Figure 4: The development kit for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC is a single-board solution that speeds the design of products using Bluetooth 5, IEEE 802.15.4m, and proprietary connectivity standards.
Figure 5: Skyworks’ SKY66112–11 front-end module is compatible with Bluetooth 5.




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